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Our Services

At Riley Geoscience, we provide the following services:

  • Individual well, field scale and regional multi-well stratigraphic studies, utilising:
    • Palynology (dinocysts, acritarchs, spores and pollen)
    • Micropalaeontology (foraminifera, ostracods, radiolaria etc.)
    • Nannoplankton
    • Lithostratigraphy
  • Sequence stratigraphy
  • Spore colouration and kerogen typing
  • Palaeoenvironmental modeling - utlising biofacies, lithofacies and palynofacies analysis
  • Wellsite biostratigraphy (Micropalaeontology)
  • Forward base micropalaeontology (worldwide)
  • Forward base palynology (where laboratory processing facilities exist, e.g. Aberdeen, Cork)
  • Re-evaluation and updating of pre-existing biostratigraphic data and reports
  • Office-based seminars on aspects of applied biostratigraphy
  • Field-based seminars on Mesozoic stratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy - Southern England, Eastern England (East Midlands Shelf) and Northern France (Boulonnais and Normandy)

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